I believe health is wealth and is critical to a happy life.

And so do many of your customers and visitors. Health and wellness is a universal topic that reaches into most people’s lives.

Sandra Pye - Health Focused Newsletters for your customers
Sandra Pye – Health Focused Newsletters for your customers

With more than 70% of all sales originating online, your business can’t afford to not be found and if your audience is interested in their health and wellness, what better way to be found than to be providing them engaging, quality researched and informative articles and images?

Many businesses can use health and wellness as a part of their marketing and communication strategies. Of course, health practitioners can always use well written and research articles to include in their communication materials (or even let me create their entire monthly communications plan and content). And there are other less obvious businesses

  • A hardware store can educate their readers about the benefits of fresh food grown at home and then promote gardening tools, small space gardening products and more.
  • An active senior living community can use health and wellness materials for both their community newsletters and their marketing materials providing benefits to prospective residents and their families.
  • Yoga and Martial Arts studios can educate their readers about the health benefits of good food and exercise to promote health and fitness and help their members get better at their practice.
  • Professional Associations who care about their members can supplement their publications with professional topical health and wellness articles without having to do the research.
  • Pet groomers and veterinary practices can always include some people “health and wellness” in their regular communications flow. After all, the pet’s humans need to be healthy to care for their pets.

The list goes on and on. I bet we can come up with a way your business can use health and wellness information to promote and engage with your customers and visitors as well. Drop me a note here with your business and I’ll get back to you with how you too can use health and wellness content to engage your audience. Or you may be able to stump me, and I’ll let you know that too. If you want to try to stump me, go here.

Dementia- A Daughter's Journey to Prevention by Sandra Carol Pye
Dementia- A Daughter’s Journey to Prevention by Sandra Carol Pye

As a freelance researcher and copywriter I have been writing on health and wellness for more than 10 years. It all started when I became a caregiver for my mother and had to research dementia and how to prevent, slow or reverse its progress. I learned more than I ever knew there was to know and ended up writing a book, “Dementia: A Daughter’s Journey to Prevention”  on the subject. Along the way I discovered how many businesses and organizations can use this information to help the people they care most about: their family and their customers.

I hope this inspires you to help me spread the word about health and wellness to the people you care most about. If you’d like my help, please contact me here. I’m happy to discuss your thoughts.


Sandra Pye Health Focused Newsletters For Your Customers

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